It fun for a while, it gives challenge because you are not

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And zooming out from a fan perspective and just looking at the situation from a pro player perspective, if I were an NFLPA rep I be pissed. They going into this CBA negotiation with one of their top demands being guaranteed contracts because so many guys aren getting paid the value of their deals. I agree with them that that should be a top priority if you sign a $20 million contract, you should get paid $20 million if your performance suffers with age or injury, well, that part of the risk of giving out long term contracts.

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I have a thing for ROTK 10 for solo play even though it is unbalanced (Tower are OP and the AI hermes replica birkin bag are shit at using them) and ally AI almost always lose battles even those they should clearly win when you are in the strongest force. It fun for a while, it gives challenge because you are not effortlessly winning but it gets tedious when you have to participate in all battles so you can finish a game. The battles were great, it just a shame that the AI is stupid most of the time.

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You are anxiously overreacting. This is just a kids play for school. No way it going to be transferred to every other case. With no replica hermes kelly watch follow up from your team, the ult didn accomplish anything and it gave the enemy healers ult charge. Personally, I see Coalescence not as an offensive ult in and of itself, but as one that enables other offensive scenarios, whether that snowballing someone else ult or swinging the fight in your direction when your team HP pool is looking low. I almost never spend Coalescence on outright damage unless I confident I can kill at least 2 squishies with it and I know I can build it back extremely quickly.