Information entropy, a new economic dimension!

Every day, billions of data flow through the WEB system! Man has created a digital world capable of sustaining its own expansion, an expansion that constantly defies the economic models that are trying to understand, model, and predict it at a given point.

To respond to this challenge, Brainsoft has developed algorithms capable of collecting, analyzing, and transforming such information in order to extract useful patterns for your company.

Within a working group, the software developed by Brainsoft considerably amplify the company’s creative capacity and, as a result, its innovative power.

It does not suffice to collect, regroup, and label data in order to make sense of them. One must know how to sort them, cleanse them, develop predictive models, and lastly, optimize their values according to your company and its ecosystem.

Proven expertise
The Brainsoft teams bring together scientists, entrepreneurs, project managers, experienced strategists. All of these powers combined within a common matrix allow for the development and management of custom-made concepts linked to a high degree of complexity.
Our expertise at your service
Our teams are capable of modeling all kinds of solutions for all kinds of environments. Our algorithms adapt to the most complex of constraints and continually optimize their predictive capabilities. Our software is custom-built for you.
International R&D
Our partnership with BrainCore Group reinforces our capacity for constant innovation. The research conducted in the neuroscience and neuroinformatics domains supply precious information for the development of new and ever more efficient algorithms.

Why Take Advantage of Our Services?


Entrepreneurs at heart, we understand your needs and offer you the necessary resources and software to move into the Data Mining realm.


We have successfully carried out complex projects that involved technical and managerial skills.


Our teams know how to drive the necessary synergies within your company in order to meet your goals as quickly as possible.

Client Orientation

We accomplish our entire mission in accordance with your goals. We attach a great deal of importance to the initial preparation phase and to our client satisfaction.