The CIPEN is made up of several training units aimed at very different worlds such as Art, Engineering or Sales. Thanks to predictive software, these establishments are henceforth capable of designing customized pedagogical profiles, ensuring a tracking of the trainings in real time, providing optimization advice for the activation of learning strategies. The adopted Data Mining procedure optimizes analyses and provides increasingly precise diagnostics. In the medium term, the professors will be able to automate most monitoring procedures and optimize their teaching.

These establishments discovered new markets, considerably improved the quality of their services, and reduced the study drop-out rate.


Le Data Mining cherche à extraire un savoir ou des connaissances à partir de grandes quantités de données. L’approche nécessite des algorithmes complexes afin de construire des modèles que le cerveau humain ne peut imaginer seul, tant les données sont nombreuses et parfois sans liens évidents.