A company’s competitiveness depends on its capacity to innovate and on its organizational structures. Today, with the integration of the new generations who have been raised in the digital era, it is not simple to come up with management capable of achieving the greatest possible synergies within a group, especially in a world as creative and complex as Marketing and Design in which numerous different professions need to mutually enhance one another.
We have equipped the Horde company with a software containing powerful predictive algorithms run by models derived from artificial intelligence by carrying out the following steps:

  • A detailed analysis of the employees’ specific needs
  • A generation of group synergies
  • An integration of generational behavioral characteristics
  • An optimization of interaction between the various services

The implementation of predictive tools for the management of HR greatly magnifies the company’s creative capacity and, as a result, its innovative power.


Because today’s societies are confronted with generational integration challenges, because the WEB has touched all segments of the population and deregulated the HR ecosystem, because employees now have knowledge that evades standardization, for all of these reasons, companies need Artificial Intelligence in order to set up new management strategies.